My life

My life is great and some of the people are great. I live in Georgia the peach state . I enjoy... boys , boys ,and boys....lol naw really i like fashion. it free's my mind and opens it to bigger and better things. I love to love and love to laugh and thats what life should be about. Make life the way you want it , thats the only way your goin to enjoy it. Realize that life is a dream with reality checks. Live and learn from them. If today ends then it ends and if tomorrow goes on then i am have a blast.......



My Swag is so Ridiculous.....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why do we love love when love seems to hate us ??

Just when happyness kick's in here come's realtionship problems . It feels like love seems to hate us. As soon as that word comes rolling out here is a tear also rolling too. Sick of love , I wish I could say that but honestly I love to love , the after affects is what hurts me most .I ask myself do I wish I could take it back .....nope but I wish thinks could be different . I am so tired of loving and leaving and leaving then loving. Just cause I love u and u love me could it be were meant to be .I tell myself to love you in slow motion ....but is slow motion enough. Is taking my time to get to know u worth it . asking myself why does love seem to hate me most of the time when I love with my heart and not with a my mind . Should I step back take a second and realize but what is it to realize . Do we fall for all the wrong reasons ? Or do we just love to feel loved? So confused about this love thing . I dont understand this game of love .I wish I knew the answer to my questions .Maybe u can gives me some tips!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

FUKK A HATER:) {my thought of the day}

Ok so I realize that people tend to hate regradless of what it is so here is a lil something to think about :) graduate from being such a loser Make better use of ur time

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Set a standard

I think everyone should find someone who deserves them.In order to find that you have to set your expectations high..and accept that you are more than what you think you are and setttling shouldn't be an choice .But we live and we learn:) Hopefull it's better luck next time and no turning backs}}}}


I live by this quote :) So i really wanna say R.I.P to my girl Shalya :She just passed a way last week, and ever since then i can't stop thinking about her .We was n't the best of friends but, we when to the same church and song in the choir together. Her voice was so pretty and relaxin. This was so shocking to me.The story is she had an accident and it wasnt really looking to good.Ever night before bed i think to myself is death an accident : I think not its a meant to be : Situation ))..sad when you think about ..painfull when its some one you know ..i try my hardest to stop think about her. But then i hear her voice .That angel sound singing her song : it goes{Tell me master ...master can you use i wanna now master master can you use can you use ME}} I just can 't stop hearing her sing that: .. She was so young and talented . I pray that her family can get through this ..Love Live Life >>>>>>>>PEACE AND HAPPYNESS

Monday, August 11, 2008

Just A Thought Today

so, i ask myself this ? everyday whats LOVE when LOVE doesnt do nothing but hurt u and make bad choices for u. Is LOVE when u LOVE a person to the deep deep roots of ur heart and the deep deep roots of ur heart is hurting from this on going LOVE for someone u LOVE who LOVES to hurt u...i mean we LOVE who we think we LOVE but LOVE is not really LOVE its a on goin feeling of pain that we cover up and call {LOVE }.Is tears LOVE or pain ? How can tears be LOVE when everytime we cry is when something hurts or when we lost something or something disappoints us..... can it be that we are so into findin someone to LOVE we forget wat LOVE truly is and that LOVIN someone is different than being in LOVE ......have u experienced being in LOVE findin that one who never hurts u or disrespects u and is in LOVE with who you really are ...i pray for that experience to come for that one person who understands my every need and LOVES me like i should be LOVED. I need that forgiven soul to share my experiences and secerts and wont judge me for past mistake 's. I believe LOVE is more that we think it is its behond LOVE i am waitin for whats Beyond LOVE ...For Now Love Dont Live Here

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back 2 School

Dang school is next week...no more summer parties..and clubs for me i have to settle down...and do my work.. but it was fun while it lasted ooooo...welll!!! school.here..IIIII..COME!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My day today

So today was a great day so far...
tonight me and my girl will be
hitting this club called tropicabanna
so try to be there ...and yes we will be fly...
wer always fly..
drinks are on me nonono Drinks are on you lol he he
....i am so ready to go party havent been out in a while
its nice to hang out sometimes when things are kind of slow and boring
...and u just turned 21 yes the big 21 i am so excited
.....ok so holla and tell ya how everything goes tomorrow...
I let her tell it:Really relaxed kinda girl, tryna find my place in the world. Think I'm doing a good job of it thus far. Screw it up sometimes, but hey I'm still going strong right. Life's like a box of chocolates...heh

The Best God sis Ever

The Best God sis Ever
About My Girl:♥ A very independent young lady who loves to laugh and have a good time sometimes quiet and shy.......well thats what I think. Im pretty and also laid back sometimes it just depends on which day u catch me.(There's a couple of people I dont MIX well with)......Oh well thats their loss.) I like to surround myself with bright people that are trying to go somewhere in life.I HATE people that lie (well im not going to say that I hate them I Dislike them)I love my life and everybody thats in it. I also love the color pink. I like to dress up and look FLY. My favorite place to shop is Wetseal I LOVE THAT PLACE. (Well dats all I have to say).

My Best Girl

My Best Girl

My Babies for Life no fakin and bitchin we the best!!

My Babies for Life no fakin and bitchin we the best!!

Check out Club Tropicabana....Every Monday..Thrusday

Check out Club Tropicabana....Every Monday..Thrusday